In a world that has gotten away from trusting the birthing process, my mission is to inspire, empower and educate people in the birth world, from parents to birth professionals, so that their lives are improved and their goals are achieved.

I am a Radical Doula, Certified Doula Business Coach and Reproductive Justice Advocate!

Through these roles, I have been able to educate and improve the birth outcomes of the clients that I serve, while coaching doulas on the best ways to create a sustainable business to serve the families that need us. I am also continuing to bring attention to reproductive health disparities in America by providing amazing and selfless volunteer doulas to under-served families in Southeast San Diego through my nonprofit organization, For The Village.

This blog will include:

  • Doula business tips!
  • Inspirational post (because who doesn’t need that!)
  • An unfiltered look into my life as a doula, coach and advocate
  • Updates and exclusives on my upcoming business courses
  • So much more!

I love what I do! I live and breathe this work and I am more than excited about you taking the time to connect and learn more about what I offer as a doula, coach and/or advocate!



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